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Studio Déjà vu

Liora Zittoun

Artistic Promotional Videos for Businesses
When you film what you love - it shows!

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An opportunity to connect with your audience and showcase your business and professional uniqueness from a slightly different angle.

דמויות פלסטלינה של גילי דרובר

Crowdfunding videos successfully connects the viewer to the story behind the dream, compelling them to want to take part in the project.

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Successful and popular courses are those that took the time and invested in building a precise infrastructure.

דמות מתוך הצגת ילדים

Allows creators to expose their work to additional audiences through a focused and creative showcase.

חדר הרצאות

Exposes potential customers to the brand story, evokes emotions, and explains why choosing us is the right decision.

הרצאה של ד״ר נאדר בוטו

A creative way to expose the brand, convey professional knowledge, and spark customers' interest in trying out the service.

Our Story

I'm a photographer... Every day of the week, everyone knows that I prefer to 'speak' visually. Yet, at the end of the day, someone who can make you feel comfortable, help you refine your knowledge and goals, and convey the value, mission, and emotion through the camera is, oddly, the woman behind it all. So...

Nice to meet you, I'm Liora Zittoun, a professional video photographer specializing in creating promotional videos for businesses. I've always had a fascination and curiosity for both realms that deal with the expression of human potential, and fortunately, life led me to engage with them professionally.

Apparently, my ability to connect between different worlds is something innate.

Born and raised in Switzerland, after completing my studies and even exhibiting

video-art worldwide, I chose to move to Israel. My perspective combines European

sensibilities with noticeable Israeli influences in the way I approach things,

representing my clients.

I bring a lot of determination, focus, a quest for excellence, and creativity to my work, alongside a profound love and passion to make every business I work with look like a creation - unique, original, and meaningful - in my eyes, a form of art.

Our Clients

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